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 english translation:
Just in case you´re all asking yourselves where I learned to write English like this? The answer is: I didn´t! - The one and only fully-qualified translator and well-known versatile guitarist, Papa Ronnie (Sheep) Shankland translated for me... The price? - One sheep! :-) 
note: the sheep is NOT responsible for articles in the NEWS-section - maybe there ´the lamb lies down on broadway` or between some words...

very special friends & stars & future big stars...

ALEX AUER @ Lava / Xavier Naidoo / Laith Al-Deen - "BodyNeck","electric Weissenborn Lap-Steel" No.1 !!!, "CWG23-Muving"
MARTIN HARLEY - BodyNeck Koa-Custom, CWG23s+ Oveng Std, electric Weissenborn Lap-Steel
PETTERI SARIOLA - CWG 23s+ Limited, CWG 23s Signature GardenPress
DANIEL STOYANOV - CWG 23s+ Muving Custom
RONNIE (SHEEP) SHANKLAND - customized by Cuntz-Guitars
IVAN  @ Jazz-Pistols - customized by Cuntz-Guitars
MARKUS ROHMANN - BodyNeck Weissenborn, Parlour-Size "Marie"
ANDREAS SCHMID-MARTELLE - customized by Cuntz-Guitars
NORBERT ROSCHAUER - BodyNeck Sitka Custom
MANFRED PACHL - pachl net so rum ;-)
BEES DENÄWE - CWG23 Muving Custom
AXEL SCHULTHEISS - customized by Cuntz-Guitars
NICOLAS VON STOLZMANN - Parlour-Size "Marie", CWG23s+ Muving Custom
OUT OF THE BLUE - customized by Cuntz-Guitars
VANESSA NOVAK - customized by Cuntz-Guitars
ABSINTO ORKESTRA - customized by Cuntz-Guitars
STEFAN PICARD - CWG23s Muving Custom & Bizzlounge
JENS MAHLA - CWG 23s Oveng Std
PERFECT STRANGER - "brothered" by Cuntz-Guitars
ROLF MUNKES - customized by Cuntz-Guitars
PETER AUTSCHBACH - the early years ;-)
STEPHAN ZOBELEY @ Herbert Grönemeyer Band - customized by Cuntz-Guitars
Offene Bühne / open stage of Musikkiste Gross-Rohrheim e.V. - THANKS to the regional press, especially  Sabine Weidner, for untiring support !!!

manufacturer links:

Häussel - Custom PickUps
SchattenDesign - THE acoustic transducers
AER - THE acoustic amps
Hiscox - cases with endurance test

Genesis 1974 for "The Lamb lies down on Broadway" !
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Grafik-Design / Layouts / Artwork:
Reinhard Helfert at Magenta

Markus Reichert / Instruments
Vollformat Alexander Heimann / Portraits
Jens Möller / Stagefoto
Michael Menges / Daniel Stoyanov

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